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Poppit Video Slot
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Poppit Video Slot

Bally Alpha Poppit Slot

This is a NEW  video slot machine!  The Bally Alpha will provide lots of action within the many bonus rounds, and will provide you with hours of entertainment every time you sit down to play it.  This is a multi-denomination machine  and takes 1 to 100 Dollar bills and has a beautiful video display. 

These machines are equipped with LCD flat screen monitors, JCM Bill Validators as well as printers if needed.

Bally Alpha Video Slots , BRAND NEW VIDEO MACHINES!

These are excellent for game rooms and will keep your customers entertained for hours and keep them coming back for more.

Last Updated: Tuesday, 21 November 2017 05:53


IGT International Gaming TechnologiesIGT is the largest and most popular slot machine manufacturer of them all. Based in Reno Nevada, IGT got it's start by reconditioning and customizing early Bally machines.


Bally TechnologiesBally is probably the oldest of the modern day slot machine manufacturers. Bally has been designing slot machines since the early 60's and is still one of the top three slot machine companies.


Williams - WMSWilliams is the newest of the big three slot machine companies. Williams began by manufacturing arcade machines and created some of the world's finest pinball machines.